Teeth Whitneing in Denham Springs, LA

Welcome to Hollywood, Louisiana!

Teeth WhiteningA brighter, whiter smile is waiting for you at Hood Dental Care! Dr. Hood is known as the go-to dentist in Denham Springs for teeth whitening, and can give you the dazzling smile that will have you looking like a movie star. Hollywood smiles are available right here in Louisiana.

Over time, the acidic food and drinks we consume wear down the natural enamel and stain our teeth. There are many options for teeth whitening—but if mishandled, they can cause minor gum damage. This is why the American Dental Association recommends that you first consult with your dentist to find the best option for you. Teeth whitening is best handled by a professional.

We offer several types of bleaching along with take-home whitening kits. We also provide laser treatment, which takes only an hour or two. The results are immediate and continue to get whiter over the next few days! For a whitening consultation, give us a call today and see what doors a whiter smile can open for you!