EndodonticsEndodontic treatment—better known as a “root canal”—is not what you might think. There is a common misconception that root canals lead to pain and discomfort, but the fact is that with the technology at Hood Dental Care, having a root canal is now more like having a cavity filled with minimal discomfort.

Patients needing root canals are usually experiencing a fair amount of pain, discomfort, and sensitivity, and the root canal is the way to alleviate those symptoms. The procedure is usually needed when there is an infection within the nerve of the tooth. Other situations leading to root canals include severe sensitivity to temperature, chipped or broken teeth, and repeated dental procedures on the tooth. Quick action is needed, because more serious problems can arise beyond the pain and sensitivity of a decaying tooth.

During the procedure, the nerve is removed from the canal inside of the root. To protect the tooth, a natural-looking and fitting crown of porcelain or zirconia is laid over, and the procedure is done! The benefits of having a root canal are undeniably better than dealing with nagging pains and sensitivity.

We know you have concerns, but rest assured that the experienced, caring staff at Hood Dental Care makes our practice the root canal destination for Denham Springs! If you still hesitate to go through with a root canal, we offer sedation dentistry that leaves you calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. Don’t fight through the pain any longer, call Hood Dental Care at (225) 667-0037 today!