Dental Crown Placement in Denham Springs, LA

CrownsBeautiful dental crowns are available at Hood Dental Care in Denham Springs! A crown is essentially a cap that covers the entire tooth, effectively restoring it while maintaining a natural look and feel. Crowns are used for cosmetic purposes, when a root canal has been performed, or when a tooth has been broken or fractured, is decaying, or needs filling. Crowns are made from an aesthetically matching porcelain or zirconia material that is very strong and allows the tooth structure to be protected and strengthened to original or better dimensions.

Crowns are extremely durable and will last for many years when you care for them like your natural teeth. You and Dr. Hood will discuss in detail how you would like your new crown to look. Each crown is custom created to the exact specifications of shape, size, and color that allow you to maintain a natural, beautiful smile.

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