General Information

Hood Dental - General InfoEveryone wants a beautiful smile, which is why having proper dental hygiene is so crucial. Poor dental hygiene can potentially lead to various dental problems such as tooth decay, gum recession, infection and bone loss. You can avoid this by visiting your dentist and getting proper teeth cleanings twice a year. Here are some tips that will help contribute to your overall dental hygiene.

7 Tips For Proper Dental Hygiene

  1. Proper Brushing
  2. Diligent Flossing
  3. Avoid Smoking or Tobacco Use
  4. Regular Consumption of Calcium and Other Vitamins
  5. Avoid Sodas, Coffee and Alcohol
  6. Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year for Teeth Cleaning
  7. Use Appropriate Mouthwash Alongside Brushing and Flossing