Healthy Holiday Smile!

Christmas bells are ringing throughout Denham Springs, LA, and Dr. Hood and his staff here at Hood Dental Care are in the holiday spirit! While this time of year is full of sweet treats we do encourage our patients to keep in mind the harm this can be to your teeth if you are not taking the proper precautions. One of the biggest precautions to take is when you are eating the sweet holiday bakes goods make sure to drink water in between and rinse your mouth if you can. You may be at party settings when this occurs, but when you get back home brush your teeth and floss as soon as you can. Flossing not only gives you a sense of fresh breath, but it also will help remove most of the sugar particles in the mouth and what is stuck in between the teeth.

Another holiday hit is drinking wine or even mulled wine. If wine is your drink of choice then remember that the acid in wine can stain your teeth, especially if you are drinking red. A rule of thumb to try and avoid these unsettling teeth stain is to drink a sip of water in between each sip of wine. This should help flush out many of the stains that can occur.

Lastly, don’t forget to come in to use your dental benefits before the end of the year! These are benefits that are your right to use, so don’t let you and your families go to waste. Most dental benefits expire on December 31st so if you dont use them it is money thrown out of the window. Call our office today at either of our three locations today to get a reservation for your next appointment. We are filling up quickly before the end of the year so give us a call today!