Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Hood Dental Care located in Denham Springs, Watson, and Zachary wants to bring Awareness to Oral Cancer Awareness month this April! From the Academy of General Dentistry, it has been deemed that April is the month to bring awareness to all patients of the signs, symptoms, and preventions that one should take. Oral cancer is aggressive cancer that can develop in the mouth, tongue, cheeks, roof of mouth and neck. Our dentists here at Hood Dental Care want to ensure you are coming in for your 6-month checkups for an exam, X-rays, cleaning, and oral cancer screening. Here at our office, we have the utmost and upfront technology to scan your mouth to determine and causes of oral cancer.

The best way to prevent oral cancer to always be on the lookout for signs and symptoms. The mouth is a crucial part of the body to know if something is wrong or not right. If you have any of the symptoms below please call any of the doctors at Hood Dental Care to make an appointment:

  • sore or ulceration that does not heal within 14 days.
  • A red, white, or black discoloration of the soft tissues of the mouth.
  • an abnormality that bleeds easily when touched.
  • A lump or hard spot in the tissue, usually border of the tongue.
  • Tissue raised above that which surrounds it; a growth.
  • A sore under a denture, which even after adjustment of the denture, that does not heal.
  • A lump that develops in the mouth.
  • A painless, firm, fixated lump felt on the outside of the neck, that has been there for at least two weeks.

Oral cancer screenings are a major part in maintaining a happy healthy smile so please make sure to call our office for an appointment today. While you’re at it, make appointments for the whole family and children! We are glad to have three convenient locations in Denham Springs, Watson, and now Zachary.

Call us today at (225) 800-4349 to book your specific oral cancer screening appointment!